Hospitality Management

What is Hospitality Management?

What do the high school student serving you popcorn, the concierge at your five-star hotel, and a museum tour guide have in common? They all work in the hospitality industry. It's the biggest industry in the world, and the main source of income for many countries. Hospitality management can encompass everything from chambermaid to CEO. A degree in hospitality management can give you a competitive edge in finding a satisfying career. The industry is generally divided into travel, tourism, and hospitality. Although many people enter the tourism and travel industry because of their own love of traveling, the one common factor in all these jobs is the concern for helping customers to enjoy their leisure time or to make their business travel as easy as possible. An advanced tourism and hospitality degree may not be required for all management positions in the hospitality industry, but working your way up through the ranks can mean years of lost income potential and missed opportunities. By upgrading your academic training, you'll advance faster and have more careers open to you.

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