Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can students use on eLearning Days?

Students can use any device that can connect to the internet to check their assignments on eLearning Days. These include Chromebooks, any other laptop or desktop computer, and tablets. Smart phones are less ideal because of the small screen, but they work too.

How do eLearning Days work?

Electronic Learning (eLearning) Day refers to days where students complete their coursework on the internet outside of school (at home, library, etc). These days will occur when schools get closed due to inclement weather. The procedure for an eLearning Day to occur is as following:

  1. SBCSC announces the schools to be closed due to inclement weather and announces the day will be an eLearning Day.
  2. Teachers post lessons online by 9:00 am.
  3. Students access their lessons online.
  4. Teachers hold virtual office hours during regular school hours on the eLearning Day. Students email their teachers if they have questions and teachers answer questions within 30 minutes of receiving the email.
  5. Students have three days to submit their assignments to get a grade and be marked as present.

Where can we find free Wifi?

Please check the South Bend free wifi location map to identify the closest place that offers free wifi.

Note: If you do not have internet at home and your student is in high school, you can apply to receive a free internet hotspot device through Student Services. Service is provided to eligible families while supplies last. For more information contact Taylor Williams at

How do schools/teachers track attendance?

Students who do not complete material or do not check in via a Google Form after the three day eLearning window is closed will be marked absent.

Will eLearning materials be available offline?

No. To access the assignments on eLearning Days, students need to have access to the internet. If you do not have internet at home, here are some options:

  • Check out the map of free wifi locations in South Bend. Find a place that is close to you and bring your student with their device to check their lesson.
  • Remember that your student has 3 days to complete and submit their assignment.

Will there still be two built-in snow days?

Yes, SBCSC will make announcements about those days accordingly.

Is eLearning Day mandatory?

Yes. The occurrence of an eLearning Day is determined by the superintendent. On the occasion of a school closing, if the superintendent determines to announce an eLearning Day, all schools in the SBCSC will follow SBCSC guidelines to implement eLearning Days.

When does eLearning Day start?

Because the occurrence of eLearning Day depends on weather conditions, the exact date of the first eLearning Day is not determined in advance. When inclement weather causes schools to be closed, check the news to see if that day is announced as an eLearning Day. If it is announced as such, teachers will post that day’s lessons online by 9:00 am.

How long do students need to be online?

Assignments should take about 20 minutes per subject for grades K-8 and 30 minutes per subject for grades 9-12.

How much time do students have to complete their assignments?

Students will have 3 days to complete the eLearning assignments.

How long will the eLearning material be available for?

Once the lesson material is posted it will remain accessible to students.

How often will there be eLearning Days?

The occurrence of eLearning Days depends on weather conditions. Therefore, it is not possible to predict their frequency in advance. However, SBCSC will not announce more than one eLearning Day in a row.

How will parents be informed of when an eLearning Day will take place?

eLearning Day announcement will be shared through the following communication channels:

  • Automatic phone dialers - Make sure your phone number is updated with your school office.
  • Local TV news and media.
  • SBCSC website
  • SBCSC Facebook
  • SBCSC Twitter

Is there a platform for parent-teacher communication?

Our recommended platform for communication with your student’s teachers on eLearning Days is emailing. Alternatively, teachers may inform their students of other preferred methods of communication in advance (these might include using apps such as ClassDojo or Remind).

What if we have difficulty with a device or logging in?

  1. Check this link for instructions on how to log in. 
  2. Contact your teacher/DIS for help via email or any other method of communication they have announced in advance.

If the problem persists, don’t worry. Students have three days to finish and submit their lessons. When they go back to school they can get help from their teacher or DIS to solve the log in problem and do their assignments before the three-day submission window ends.

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