Weather-Related Closings

Employees should be familiar with the communication channels and procedures during inclement weather. Every effort is made to make the decision to close or delay schools as early as possible so that staff can be called off of work as necessary. The decision to close or delay school will be made by 5 a.m., but please be aware that our school families and the news media have to be the first priority for notifications. 

It is the responsibility of faculty and staff members to make sure that their correct phone numbers are on file with Human Resources in order to get the auto dialer calls. To check or update your phone number, please call Human Resources at 574-393-6063.

Closing or delaying school will be communicated through the following channels:

Additionally, employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the policy and administrative guidelines that support these instructions. School day and work schedule days for school closings, 2-hour delays, and early dismissal can be found at SBCSC Policy and Administrative Guidelines:

  • SBCSC Operations Policy #8220 - To view this, choose "Policy Manual" in the top right drop-down. Then click on "8000 Operations"
  • Administrative Guideline Operations Policy #8220A - To view this, choose "Administrative Guideline Manual" in the top right drop-down. Then click on "8000 Operations"

Employees who report to work during a school closing*:

  1. All Administration Building administrators and 12-month administrators at other locations
  2. All Administration Building non-certified staff
  3. Twelve-month bilingual education specialists will report to the Bilingual Services Department
  4. Building engineers and custodians
  5. Service Building staff
  6. Food and Nutrition managers
  7. Bendix Building Non-Certified Staff
  8. Transportation non-certified staff
  9. Technology and Media Services non-certified staff
  10. Costume Shop

* Employees are encouraged to take their time and be safe driving to work during inclement weather. In the event that the Superintendent declares an emergency and determines that ALL BUILDINGS ARE CLOSED, affected staff will not be paid unless a personal business or vacation day is taken.